Monday, February 15, 2010

Beginnings Are Important

I remember some great advice that I received from Ellis Kaplan.  He was one of the founders of Kaplan, McLaughlin and Diaz. I never worked for him directly, but he was often around for me to talk to.

Ellis told me that the first (budget) number quoted is never forgotten and never forgiven.

Like all great advice it is deceptively simple and grounded in a great truth.
Architects, must gain and retain the trust of our clients - whom we serve.

To most clients the bottom line is of paramount concern.
Architects (at their peril) often put other concerns first.

Respond carefully to this most often asked question.
The client is asking for you to give priority to their priority - Once this issue is addressed, once the clients bottom line is accounted for,  other design related priorities can take their turn at center stage.

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